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Melodic Mystery: Ritual Music from Reclaiming Tradition is the latest release from Reclaiming & Friends, curated and produced by Eileen Hazel and George Franklin. Featuring songs by Laurie Lovekraft, Suzanne Sterling, Starhawk, Beverly M. Frederick, Moonrise, Irene Rojas-Carroll, Amy Clarke, and more.

The album concludes with a special guest appearance by Robert Gass & On Wings of Sound, singing a favorite circle-opening song.

Music / Video / Writing

Join Pascha Haninah and Lisa Wagoner from the podcast Mystic Tea as they interview Laurie about magical activism. Pascha Haninah is the owner and High Priestess of the metaphysical store Of Wand & Earth in Marshall, North Carolina. Lisa Wagoner is the author of “Positive Pagan: Staying Upbeat in an Offbeat World” (Llewellyn).

Honoring the Wild: Reclaiming Witchcraft & Environmental Activism

Laurie has an essay in the 2022 book “Honoring the Wild: Reclaiming Witchcraft and Environmental Activism,” edited by Irisanya Moon.

Reclaiming Witchcraft is deeply rooted in activism, including environmental activism, as an answer and an action to drive change. From political actions to personal calls, “Honoring the Wild” compiles stories and lessons from Reclaiming Witches from around the world. With a timeline of activism in Reclaiming, these pages contain facts and fears, confessions and collaborations, and (perhaps) a call to the reader who wants to learn more and do more.

Reviewed by Publishers Weekly, December 2022

The Homo Heroes, is a seven-book graphic novel series created by Todd Nunes and edited by Laurie Lovekraft. Featuring gay superheroes including PRIDE, LIBERTY LEZ, and DRAG-O-LICIOUS. The series made its debut in 2020 and all LGBTQ-centered issues have been ranked #1 in Amazon‘s new releases for the LGBTQ+ Graphic Novels category. Available in paperback and digital.

Dedicated to Hekate, the Greek Goddess of the magic, witchcraft, and the night, the Hekate Trance Loop was produced by Robin Silver, with Music, Lyrics, Vocals by Laurie Lovekraft.

BuzzFeed‘s Curly and Sara joined Laurie Lovekraft at The Green Man Store in North Hollywood for the segment, “We Practiced Magic With A Real Witch.”

Campfire Chants: Songs for the Earth is the latest release from Reclaiming & Friends featuring songs by Starhawk, Suzanne Sterling, T. Thorne Coyle, and Laurie Lovekraft.

Songs include: Weave and Spin; We Are the Rising Sun; Rising of the Moon; Sweet Water; Circle ‘Round the Balefire, and more – with over an hour of magical music. Free downloadable booklet with lyrics, guitar and ukelele chords, chants, and more:


Teen Earth Magic: An Empowerment Workbook by Luke Hauser with a foreword by Starhawk. Copyediting and magical consulting by Laurie Lovekraft.

The book focuses on Earth-based spirituality and magical activism for teens – and everyone – in the tradition of Starhawk and Reclaiming. This unique and powerful tool is based on twelve years of rituals, classes, and grassroots activism at Reclaiming’s Teen Earth Magic camp. It gathers 350 pages of Reclaiming-style magic plus hundreds of ideas for teens, adults, teachers, and organizers – spellcrafting, divination, activism, pentacle magic, and much more.

Free PDF download also available on Amazon.

Hermes God of Geeks? by Laurie Lovekraft

Hekate: A Goddess for Halloween, by Laurie Lovekraft

Aphrodite Rising… as Beyonce? by Laurie Lovekraft

Samhain: West Coast Style, by Laurie Lovekraft

Mystical Summer Fun for Kids: Part I, by Laurie Lovekraft

Mystical Summer Fun for Kids: Part II, by Laurie Lovekraft

Truth Be Told Radio, All Elements of Halloween. Laurie Lovekraft joined a special Samhain show with guests Lou Florez, Benjamin Scuglia, and Billy Spanier; featuring hosts Tony Sweet & Eddie Conner.

Modern Pagans: An Investigation of Contemporary Pagan Practices (Re/Search), with interviews by V. Vale and John Sulak (October 2001). The book includes Laurie Lovekraft along with Margo Adler, Isaac Bonewits, Diana di Prima, Starhawk, and others.